Debbie, the Director, who has many years of experience, is the Early Childhood Teacher in the Preschool room.   Educating the 'Whole Child'  and learning through play is central to her personal teaching philosophy.  Both planned and spontaneous experiences incorporate early Literacy & Numeracy as well as Music, Movement, Language and Social & Emotional development each day.  Debbie is passionate about encouraging  curiosity, enthusiasm and competence through exploration and discovery.  This is evident in the beautiful and inspiring learning spaces which are set up each week and are centred around each child's abilities, interests, cultures and developmental needs.

Children are provided with opportunities to learn respect for others while learning how to problem solve and build confidence within social groups.  

Language and communication skills are encouraged through our project-based approach learning, morning meetings, language pal project, dramatic play spaces and provocations which are set out for the children to engage in.

Literacy and Numeracy learning occurs spontaneously through play however these skills are further extended upon through daily play-based group and individual

planned experiences and purposeful provocations.

The routine is flexible yet also predictable as this provides a sense of security and familiarity each day to ensure children feel safe and secure.

Children who will be attending formal schooling will be prepared for a smooth transition by encouraging them to take responsibility for their belongings, learning how to take care of themselves and how to communicate their needs effectively.


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